Y'all please vsit my Personal Tumblr! i'm following back everyone hehe :D


Charlavail once give me her pattern to make it on my game. I decided to do a few design based of her pattern so… here it is :p i’m @itsyasiin_yall btw lol i hope she recognize me xD

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New Blog!

Please check out my new blog! mydailyarts.tumblr.com

I share my ‘Arts’, ‘Sketch’ and ‘Artistic’ things in general hehe :]

Inactive Blog

Sup, y’all?!

umm… so.. idk where to start…

Okay, School and thousands Projects has ‘dominating’ my schedule lately and I almost have no time spent on the blog. believe me I’m not abandon-ing the blog and will still do lots of Updates, Posts and Making more RINGTONES and… more.

oh yeah, i won’t just Posting things about Paramore on my blog.. there will be lots of VersaEmerge covers, arts and ringtones that I’ll be sharing in the future.. and also my Art Works and Pieces…

I hope y’all will love my blog.. umm.. yeah. “love my blog” haha..

thanks for all the supports!!! :)

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